Office Installation.

Downloads and Installation

In order to get the routine work related to smooth business operation the office software is most convenient option as it is easy to operate and have all the options to cater to the documentation need. The software download and installation are the first step for enabling the software to operate. The download although is available online but customers may find it difficult to download and install on their Desktop or Laptop.

We have the trained human resource to help you out for the download and installation in a proper manner so that all the files supporting to various tasks to perform can be downloaded and we ensure the proper installation of the software to perform the task in totality and makes the tasks of our client simple and easy. We take care the download and installation as well as provide the support for any issue related to the performance of the installed software version.

Office Setup

The complete set up for any software to deliver its optimum performance depends upon its set up on the device in use. Every set up require some standard procedure so while doing the set up the recommended procedure is to be followed. The space requirements of the software set up are also important for set up of the software. All the files to support the various tasks to be performed by software are important. The set up is required for the sake of functioning of software which depends upon the access and execution of files for desired task. We ensure the proper set up in addition to the complete download and installation of the files. We provide support for the smooth functioning of the software which we install and setup on your device. The compatibility of device is also to be taken in consideration with the software.

Software Reinstallation

The issue of reinstallation is common as while we go for formatting of the system the reinstallation of software is required. Sometimes because of the improper set up and not accepting the updates of working environment of the operating system installed in the device may also require the reinstallation of the software. Before downloading and installing a due care is required the check the system requirements for the software installation and set up on the device. These instructions are mentioned in Readme files. After reinstalling the software if the system instructs for reboot please do not skip it as it can lead to malfunction.

It is always recommended to follow the right procedure for installation of any software. The first step is to open My Computer then the drive if the software is in CD or DVD open the CD ROM i.e. D drive. Locate the executable Setup files and start installation by double clicking the file. If the installation is to be done from online download the product key is to be carefully entered. We are equipped with the trained manpower to handle these critical issues and get the task performed with due promise of satisfactory after installation services.

Office Activation:

Software activation is must as it is an anti piracy technic which is designed to verify that the software is legitimate in agreement license which is to be used by the user. Activation helps in protecting the piracy. It is one time activation process. This validates that the activation ID has not been used on so many personal computers for one download to install at more than one machine. Activation can be done automatically as well as manually. Automatic activation is done during installation and the manual activation is done during the running of software. Automatic activation is only possible if you have internet connection. The activation is to be done carefully. If you are stuck up with the activation process we are here to get the task done by adopting the right procedure. This is important to understand that the process of activation does not require any personal detail of the user. The activation is required for almost every software.


Frequently asked questions.

How a office use software can be installed?

First check the recommended system configuration to support which you can get through Read Me files. The you can install by using a CD drive if software is in CD ROM else can download first and then can install.

Is it necessary to install printer driver for attaching printer to laptop as I got a driver CD with my printer?

No need to install driver simple plug and use these days the laptops do not require driver set up to install.

What is your recommendation for a laptop configuration to support and perform well on general office work software?

It is to be a core i5 with 8th generation. RAM must be at least 4 GB with provision for 8GB upgradation in future. For personal use 500GB storage is ok but for high volume of work for commercial activities we recommend 1TB.